Quality, our principal objectif.

SARL LABRI© is a company created by people who are passionate about doing a job well.


We were looking for robust, demountable shelters to protect our cars and other property. We couldn’t find any products on the european market of a quality sufficient to meet structural norms, and we couldn’t find one in Canada either even though this country was the pioneer of structures of this sort.

So we decided to design and construct own shelters from the start to finish. Our approach as to select materials which met our all requirements, to design the shelters ourselves, and to have our own engineer design the steel structure in strict compliance with all the standards.


Our aims : Quality, Security, Expertise,
Durability and Robustness.


The result is IBRISKA ®

Our shelters IBRISKA ® are the comprehensive alternative choice to traditional construction, because of their strong structure, their high quality fabric, their build quality, the fact that they can be relocated, and their affordable coast.