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Montage d'un abri

Can i let snow accumulate on an Ibrïska shelter ?

Look after your shelter and don’t allow large amounts of snow, ice, leaves or anything else to accumulate on the shelter roof.


Always remove substantial snow from the exterior of the shelter and do il step by step both sides at once. Don’t clear one side completely first and then the other;

How do i anchor my Ibrïska shelter to the ground?

Always anchor your shelter securely to the ground following the assembly instructions. Do not use concrete clocks or any other general solution. Use the appropriate anchorages we recommend for your kind of base.

What maintenance is required for the fabric of an Ibrïska shelter?

If you wish to clean the fabric, use only a biodegradable cleaning agent or simply soapy water, rinse well and leave to dry.

I can see marks on the fabric of my Ibrïska shelter it has been raining.

As with all construction materials, rainfall can sometimes leave marks on the sides of your shelter. You should be able to easily remove them by wiîng with a cloth or sponge, or washing down with a hose.

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