Ibrïska shelters , 100% Français

Two specialized ranges designed for different climatic conditions:

Écrins, extremes conditions, snow

Taïga, wind

  • Demountable
  • A wide range of uses.


Complete protection en two ranges                       

  • Protects from dirt and grime, wind, rain, light or heavy snowfall, (depending on choice of Taïga or Écrins)
  • No more scraping off ice,
  • An end to the daily task of clearing snow from your vehicle, your driveway, or the entrance to your house or garage.
Put away your shovels and scrapers and save time !

Multiples uses

  • Storage for a car, twocars, a car and a motobike, a car and a trailer, the boat, a utility vehicle.
  • Shelter for the entranceway, for a motorcycle…
  • An all weather place for any temporary or permanent storage.

Long or short base, against the wall or a garage…Ibriska has a solution for all your needs.